Do Men Think About Sex All the Time? – And How Can You Know If He’s Boyfriend Material?

“Do men think about sex all the time?” This is a question asked by thousands of women every single day.

Have you ever wondered what guys think about when they’re having sex? I have and I’ve found that the answer is simple, they think about sex every single second. In fact, some of them think about it while they’re having sex and then in some cases, just before they come!

Women are better at showing their emotions than men and that includes sexual ones. Men, on the other hand, are more focused on the physicality of sex. And this is not only true in the bedroom but out in the world as well.

What men think about is all about physical attraction and it’s based on physical attraction and sexual arousal. And there’s no secret about this, it’s actually the simplest answer to this question.

Men have a hard time saying no to sex and there is nothing to say no to a guy. Therefore, when we are getting ready for sex we want to be sure to wear revealing clothes. It’s no secret that most women enjoy being touched up close and personal.

Men have trouble saying no, not in the bedroom anyway. Not being able to say no isn’t going to help us but it could make things a lot hotter.

Nowadays, I get to meet a lot of women who tell me that they are so turned on by an orgasm, that they feel like they’re in love with the guy or just flat out want to sleep with him. They feel like it’s easy to get him togo that direction if he’s not in the mood.

So when we look at women, we should look at ourselves as the same way. We’re in love with our own bodies, we think about sex all the time and we know that sex is the only thing that brings us so much pleasure.

That means that we would be in a good position to ask our guy if he’d be into us having sex in many ways. If he’s not in the mood we wouldn’t even need to suggest it and we’d still get the job done.

So ask him if he wants to take you out, do you want to take him out, what does he want you to do? If he doesn’t know then take the initiative and ask.

The important thing is to get this right because the sex is so important in our relationship and we want to get it right the first time. This could be the difference between our relationship working or not working.

As you can see, if you ask him if he wants to have sex in the future, it could save your relationship. It can be fun and even learn something in the process!