Why men care so much about sex

Why men care so much about sex

People say that men think a lot about sex.  Some people say that the only thing in a guy’s mind is sex. That’s is not true as men also think about food, as it is also what their body needs. 


Sex dating 

A man does not hide that he has the sexual energy and drive. Men talk about their sex life and even their sexual problems.  For men, it is acceptable practice to go sex dating, and that’s why there are girlie bars, female sex workers, and apps for sex dates.

The mind on overdrive 

There are those guys who have obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). When they see a woman that attracts them go by, they fantasize. Men with OCD are incapable of being faithful in their thoughts, and sometimes, in their actions. Some men do not have this disorder but sow their wild oats.

Accepting the unfaithfulness 

In certain cultures, their wives are important due to their role as a homemaker and as a mother. But, for a husband to be faithful is not necessary – as creating is part of the lifestyle of being married. Many married women in these cultures accept that their men are unfaithful and wait for them to get old so that they will stop fooling around.

Erections just happen

It is a man’s sexual drive that makes him want sex. That drive is what dictates his desire for some action. He can’t help it as at times; he just gets an erection when he sees a pretty lady passing by. Men cannot be blamed for their bodies’ reactions to a woman that attracts them as it just happens. A man can control himself and keep his zipper closed. But because of the very nature of being an animal, the body’s reaction cannot be controlled as you cannot tell an erection to tame down.

When a man is young 

Young men have high testosterone levels. This hormonal activity is responsible for their sex drive. That is why male teenagers care a lot about sex. It’s their bodies that make them want to procreate. 

When people get older 

The body clock contributes to the sexual drive. Just like men, when a woman can no longer get pregnant as she is menopausal, she might lose her interest in sex. Some females don’t lose their sex drive and do maintain an active sex life.

For men and women 

Men do care a lot about sex, but so do women. A few decades ago, the sexual revolution happened. Women wanted equality and have gained it. Now, it is also an acceptable practice for women to go to places where it is the male dancers that perform while wearing their underwear. Ladies can also hire male sex workers in places like Amsterdam.

Sex dates

It is also common practice in this digital age to use apps for sex dates. Both men and women, whatever their sexual preferences might be, can find a casual hookup online. Sex dating apps made it easier to get laid as it has a database of people who have joined for that same reason.