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Al Romao

Shamanic Practitioner and Spiritual Drumming

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AL promoAt a very young age, I was always drawn to animals and nature. My first career choice at the age of 5 was to become a veterinarian so that I could help wounded animals that were sick to become well again. I would often go for nature walks in my nearby wooded areas of Brick NJ, just to be alone and to forge bonds with the trees and animals that dwelled in those woods. But I never quite understood why I was so drawn to these woods and to nature.

From there I was always surrounded with people in my life that were very spiritual and understood the meaning of “Spirit”. In my teens, is when I began to feel a connection with my intuitiveness and connection to spirit. I dabbled with Tarot and Oracle card reading but did not feel a real calling to that type of work so I continued to search for that right fit between spiritual and everyday life.

That was when I was introduced to percussion, at that point I knew that I had found something so intense and spiritual that I could make people happy with my drumming as well as connect to the spirit of the drum. From there I would always pay homage to the trees and animals that gave their lives for the heartbeat of such a healing tool…..the drum. This was very fulfilling for myself as well as those around me.

For the next decade I played with many musicians and bands that would help me on my path and journey but still did not really understand why I was so connected to the spiritual aspects of drumming? Years later I would be introduced to Shamanism through Adam Kane. Our first trip to Belize is what awakened me to the true meaning of “Spirit” and how a person could connect so deeply to nature, the land and to the ancestors of a culture that were so beautiful. From the time we returned until this day I have been studying Shamanism with Adam Kane as well as through the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. Teachers such as Nan Moss & David Corbin have been instrumental in my teachings and initiations into Shamanism and healing work. I have completed such courses as "Spirits Of Nature", "The Foundation for Shamanic Studies, Two Week Intensive" and am currently assisting Adam with his "Two year Shamanic apprenticeship Program". Al also studied with a Peruvian Shaman "Elenora" to learn the "Bands of Power" Peruvian healing technique, Al has also received deep Shamanic Healing in the Andes of Peru with Diego Palma and recently studied with Itzhak Beery with "South American healing techniques and diagnostic tools for Shamanic Healing".

I am currently embarking on the Foundation for Shamanic Studies "Three Year Shamanic Intensive Program" for Shamanic Healing and Initiations to further my training in Shamanic techniques and my own spiritual journey.

Today I offer Shamanic Healing sessions at Sacred Circle as well as a monthly Drumming Circle called “Healing Rhythms”. Through the energy and playing of the group drumming we all receive healing through the heartbeat of the drum.

Al sees clients for private sessions at his home in Eatontown, NJ.
for more information and scheduling please call: 732-670-6141

As well as in Saugerties, NY  

Shamanic Healing: $100
and last 2-3 hours in length

Gratuities for all sessions are not included in the price.