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Welcome to Our Community Page

All is welcome here...Spiritual Community

In 2012, Sacred Circle closed due to a fire.  Adam and Al continue to keep this website available for our community so that you can still be aware of our classes, workshops, events and retreats.

Announcing our 6th annual Murray Grove Shamanic Retreat. 
July 8-10.


Info on our 5th annual weekend Shamanic Retreat is now available in the calendar section of our website

Our Online Store is now officially open
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Shamans Dawn Procuct

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The Phoenix

In February of 2012, as all of you know.  Our beloved Sacred Circle burned to the ground.  Since the fire, the outpouring of love and support to Adam and Al has been incredibly beautiful, hearfelt and loving. 

Our lives changed on that day, not just ours but so many in our community.  We have been asked so many times as to what is next? We have been regrouping and really working on our relationships with the spirit of Sacred Circle to see what direction to go. 

While in the deepest part of a cave in Belize, during a ceremony to the Goddess Ix Chel, Al received guidance and a message to his future.  I struggled for months as to what to do or what direction to go....I would say to myself, "So many people are counting on us and want us to re-open our doors", but is that truly the right direction to take Sacred Circle?  

Over the past six months, we have been able to truly witness the Phoenix Rising.  That Phoenix is you.  So many people within our community have been guided, taught, healed and nurtured by Sacred Circle.  We witness this every day, seeing how bonds and friendships were created and how so many of you have been inspired to teach, facilitate and become empowered to pursue your personal goals and dreams.....That to me is what Sacred Circle was and is all about.  The Spirit of Sacred Circle lives on through each and every one of you. 

So many days I remember such beautiful smiles and sometimes tears walking through our door and so many people would say.....I am having a bad day and the only place that would make me feel better is coming to Sacred Circle.  That was something that would make us feel so inspired, that so many people felt solice and trust to walk through our doors.....our motto is "All is Welcome Here". 

What does the future hold for us?  Adam and Al have decided that at this time in their lives not to re-open Sacred Circle.  The reasons are many, from very expensive rents that just did not make us feel secure enough to reopen to us pursuing new goals and dreams. This was definitely a difficult decision to make, but we feel at this time it is the right decision for us. 

We will continue to teach classes and workshops out of our home and at locations around the area. This also gives us the opportunity to offer more in-depth classes, additional Drum Circles, and Retreats (both locally and in other counties). 

Adam and Al have been putting a lot of their focus on their healing practices as well as their own personal healing paths of growth and teachings. 

One of our main focuses will be on the Shaman's Dawn product line of candles, sprays, baths and healing creams.  We will be branching out to more retail stores around the country to carry our line of products and will have an online store to sell them in addition to other supplies for your spiritual practices. 

Our online store will have Shamans Dawn products, supplies such as (sage, sweetgrass, copal, drums, gemstones) and much more.  We are planning on launching our online store within the coming weeks to the public and to wholesale businesses as well. 

 Adam and Al want to thank each and every one of you from the bottom of our hearts for all the incredible love and support our incredible community has shown us for the past five years.  It is so inspiring and humbling to know how much love a community can share.


Mitakuye Oyasin

In Lakota, translates to (We are all related).


Adam and Al