Sacred Circle New Age Center

This website is no longer active

With deep gratitude we thank everyone that has been a part of the Sacred Circle community over the last decade.

Adam and Al are relocating to the Hudson Valley and Catskill region of NY in April of 2017. Please find links below for our Shaman's Dawn Product line, our NY practice & workshops, and a list of shamanic practitioners in NJ that we have trained over the years.

  Alvaro Romao:

Alvaro has been studying and practicing Shamanism for over ten years and has studied with medicine men and women in Central and South America and has also completed many programs for Shamanic training here in the United States. Al Romao is a self-taught percussionist that has been playing and performing percussion for 20 years. He has a strong connection to rhythm and sound vibration that assist in healing and meditation. Alvaro sees clients on a one on one basis for Shamanic Healing, sound healing and counseling.

  Adam Kane:

Adam started his spiritual journey into shamanism while growing up in the woods and mountains of the NY Catskills. He has been practicing shamanism since 1993. Adam practices and teaches cross-cultural shamanism with an emphasis on Peruvian, Mayan, North American, Tibetan, and Kemetic teachings. Being of service to the community is of great importance to Adam as it is a central aspect to practicing shamanism.

  Shaman's Dawn Product:

The Shaman's Dawn product line consists of handmade energy clearing sprays, Jar candles made with non-GMO soy wax, and spiritual baths made with dead sea salt and botanicals. It is co-owned and operated by Adam Kane and Alvaro Romao.

  The Shaman's Tent:

The Shaman's Tent is a private practice operated by Adam Kane and Alvaro Romao in Ulster County, New York that offers shamanic counseling and healing techniques to its clients in addition to offering classes, workshops, and sound healing therapies. The Shaman's Tent is also dedicated to creating a spiritual community for shamanic practitioners and those guided on similar spiritual paths within the Hudson Valley and Catskill areas.


OOver the past decade Adam and Alvaro have trained shamanic practitioners in the NJ area through their two year apprenticeship programs. We are proud to refer these former students to the NJ communities to continue the legacy of caring for the people and the land.